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Adrenal-Pro + Thyroid Support

Adrenal-Pro + Thyroid Support is an advanced formulation designed to support the adrenal and thyroid glands, increase energy, reduce stress, improve sleep and provide and improved sense of well-being. Adrenal Fatigue, a common disorder affecting millions of people in North America, refers to low functioning adrenal glands and is usually a result of: emotional stress or worry, long hours of work, poor nutrition, regular consumption of alcohol or medications, surgery, or chemotherapy.

Adrenal Fatigue interferes with proper thyroid functioning in approximately 80% of sufferers and can lead to feeling exhausted or 'burnt out'. Adrenal-Pro + Thyroid Support is a premium formulation delivering the necessary nutrients to dramatically improve mood and energy, help the body cope with stress, enhance hormone functioning and boost the immune system. Recharge and revitalize yourself with Adrenal-Pro + Thyroid Support!

Our Price: $43.98